Apex hosts a Youtube Channel where you can find all videos, simply click on the logo. Below you will find an overview of recent videos.


PeterMacDonald-TestimonialPeter MacDonald, Category Manager at Smurfit Kappa Global Sourcing, confirms Apex International is a strategic preferred supplier to the Smurfit Kappa group. Smurfit Kappa is very satisfied with the high quality products & the good cost of ownership. Together with Smurfit Kappa, Apex International is developing a high level of service and optimum cost of capital.


LudoPeeters-testimonialLudo Peeters, Proces Engineer Printing at Smurfit Kappa Turnhout considers Apex International a valuable partner for innovative solutions in the Corrugated industry.




DaraghWhelan-TestimonialDaragh Whelan, Technical Director of Americk Advantage, satisfied user of Apex GTT technology for printing fixed palette.





Innovators_ChoiceApex International, the world’s leading anilox and metering technology organization, has announced a new marketing campaign to draw attention to the company’s historical roots as a print industry innovator. The campaign will run throughout 2016 and feature new print and digital advertising as well as this new 60 second video.


Flexo Process Control - Calibration Roll DemonstrationFlexo Process Control / The Calibration Roll Demonstration
A live demonstration on the Bobst press at Adare UK, the steps to go through within the calibration process.



FlexoProcessControl-PresentationPresentation Flexo Process Control
Nick Harvey presents what it takes to obtain Flexo Process Control, necessary for Fixed Palette



Youtube_BobstREVOLabelexpo_DemoBobst – REVO 7 colour Fixed Palette Presentation at Labelexpo Europe 2015, using Apex GTT.





Youtube_SomaLabelexpo_DemoSoma 4 colour Fixed Palette Presentation at Labelexpo Europe 2015, using Apex GTT.




Youtube-SaphiraGTTApex GTT Saphira Anilox roll for smooth coating/lacquer transfer in Offset. A movie by Heidelberg AG.





The role the anilox plays in the REVO Digital Flexo project (Nick Harvey), where consistent ink-transfer is the key.




Youtube_REVO_DemoThe REVO Digital Flexo, an automatic flexoprinting demonstration in 3 minutes.





A summary of the REVO Digital Flexo Open-House, June 2014 in Florence-Italy.





Chris Shaw – CRP Print & Packaging, an early-adapter of GTT Technology in Corrugated (At that time, still called UniCorr). Chris Shaw gives a testimonial on the advantages his company experience while using GTT.




Apex International was asked to play an important role in the new Rabobank Wholesale Campaign. The commercial was on National television in the Netherlands for many weeks.