Anilox FAQ

We do our utmost to serve you and the market with our service and solutions. In our Anilox FAQ list you might find the answers to your questions. If you need personal advice, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

General Information

1. Why is Apex the first choice in anilox- and metering solutions?
2. What is the Apex Total Quality Commitment?
3. How can I be sure I am ordering the right roll according to the machine manufacturer’s specifications?
4. I want to have one supplier for all my rolls, but I have presses from different brands. Will Apex manufacture all types of rolls?
5. Angles, lines per cm, lines per inch, volume in cm3/m2 or bcm? What do you mean by that?
6. How can I determine which specs are best for my print application?
7. Label rolls – you offer always a new roll instead of reconditioning worn out rolls; isn’t that expensive?
8. I want my rolls/sleeves fast. Do you have a stock program?

Product maintenance

1. How to clean my rolls/sleeves?
2. Rules for use, care & maintenance of anilox rolls/sleeves
3. 10 reasons why your anilox sleeve may not mount properly

Printing Solutions

1. What is fixed palette printing? How can Apex contribute?
2. What are score lines, how to avoid them?
3. What is the solution to UV Spitting?