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The Journey to HQ Flexo-Image

The Journey to repeatable High Quality in Flexoprinting

High Quality – or shortened HQ printing is nowadays in everyone's mind. No matter whether printer or supplier, people speak of High Quality every day to describe the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the maximum quality standards within flexo printing. Download and read the entire article “Journey to repeatable HQ Flexo_UK (2014)”


Consistency is the key with GTT2

Consistency is the key with GTT – A portrait of Apex

Despite its importance, consistency is not a word that usually rouses much excitement. However, when the benefits of consistent ink transfer are exploited, a whole range of possibilities is opened up to printers. This is what Apex offers with its GTT technology. The in the recent years further developed GTT technology makes the dream come closer by a few steps. Download and read the entire article: “
Consistency is the key with GTT_UK (2014)”

Coveris Standardization generates Cost-savingsHuge cost savings due to process standardisation

Coveris (formerly Paragon Print and Packaging) demand consistency and standardization. Extensive tests and measurements on its entire printing process revealed that Apex International's GTT Genetic Transfer Technology anilox rolls showed a variation of less than 1 %, setting Coveris on a new course. Download and read the entire article: “Coveris Cost Savings due to Process Standardisation_UK (2014)”



GTT: More gloss, less lacquer

The state-of-the-art headquarters are home to Apex's R&D department, where it developed its patented GTT metering roll. This technology has allowed Apex to offer offset printers an alternative to existing anilox rolls, which brings advantages as a visibly and measurably higher gloss; a more consistent layer; significant savings on lacquer; and infrequent roll changes. Download and read the entire article: GTT-MoreGlossLessLacquer_UK (2014)


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