BioJet Equipment

BioJetThe operator- and environmentally friendly method for deep-cleaning anilox rolls.

A total cleaning package engineered and supported by the world’s leading Anilox manufacturer. For the BioJet deep-cleaning procedure, we use Sodium Bicarbonate powder to clean the rolls.Read more

BioClean Liquids

12_Cleaning1Clean your anilox in a safe way. Liquids for daily & periodical cleaning!

Features Bioclean Liquids
Apex offers a wide range of cleaning liquids for daily and periodical cleaning of anilox rolls, plates, etc.… Read more

Anilox Maintenance

33_MaintenanceNo more dings and dents. Products to protect and keep your anilox in good shape.

In order to keep your sleeves, your rolls and even your plates in a good shape, Apex co-operates with Bicarblast to offer certain indispensable maintenance products, such as covers and brushes.… Read more