GTT laser engraved anilox rolls

AniloxThe secret to Unparalleled Consistency Begins with GTT

Imagine using just one anilox roll for finer screens – and stronger solids. Imagine less mottling, pinholing, plugging and dot gain.… Read more

Conventional laser engraved anilox rolls

SDB07615-e1417956466237Conventional Anilox. Unconventional Quality.

UltraCell and UltraCell+ cell geometries are wider and up to 30% shallower than C02 and conventional YAG laser-engraved anilox rolls, yet deliver the same ink volume and density.Read more

Mechanically Engraved Anilox rolls

07_Engraved_MoletteAdvanced metallurgy. Precision engraving.

For several applications mechanically engraved chrome plated rolls are still in use. Apex has a long history of manufacturing these rolls, using high-precision tools for its process, guaranteeing an exact ink release.Read more

Glue and Doctor Rolls

08_GlueSetIndustry leading precision & life expectancy.

Easy on starch, high on quality. Finally, accurate glue sets that deliver just the right amount of glue – job after job.Read more

Smooth surface polished rolls

09_SpecialiesAdjustable surface tension. Multiple Coating Applications.

Apex offers smooth surface, polished rolls for multiple coating applications. There are two surface treatments: Steel body + Chrome plated, mirror-Read more


34_AuditMeasure & know the status of your anilox inventory.

Our local representative can perform a full audit of your anilox inventory, especially in the Corrugated industry. The audit consists of volume measurements and an anilox surface check.… Read more


36_CalibrationEasy tool to Control your Print Process.

A calibration roll is a banded roll, engraved with the specifications that you use in your production facility. The goal of a calibration roll is to maintain process control.… Read more

Anilox Measurement Device

35_MeasurementEfficient device to measure and control your anilox rolls/sleeves.

The Ravol Liquid Volume Test was the first TÜV-certified measurement system available in the market that copied the printing process; a certain amount of ink is spread by means of a doctor blade onto the anilox roll.… Read more

BioJet Equipment

BioJetThe operator- and environmentally friendly method for deep-cleaning anilox rolls.

A total cleaning package engineered and supported by the world’s leading Anilox manufacturer. For the BioJet deep-cleaning procedure, we use Sodium Bicarbonate powder to clean the rolls.Read more

BioClean Liquids

12_Cleaning1Clean your anilox in a safe way. Liquids for daily & periodical cleaning!

Features Bioclean Liquids
Apex offers a wide range of cleaning liquids for daily and periodical cleaning of anilox rolls, plates, etc.… Read more